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Last Updated: January 11, 2024

From the first pin to the last succulent bite, we’ve sifted through several contenders to bring you the crème de la crème of mushroom grow kits. Each offering its own unique blend of quality, user-friendliness, and a promise of delicious home-grown mushrooms. So put on your fungal foraging hat, because we’re about to dive headfirst into the mesmerizing world of DIY mushroom cultivation. Ready, set, grow!

What Are the Best Mushroom Grow Kits?

Best Mushroom Grow Kit for Beginners

1. North Spore ‘Spray & Grow’ Mushroom Grow Kit ($30)

Skill required: Beginner
Potential yield: Up to 2 lbs. +
Mushroom types: Edible gourmet
What we like: High quality, organic, and reasonably priced.
What we don’t: Not much here to dislike

If you’re searching for an accessible introduction to mushroom cultivation, look no further than the North Spore ‘Spray & Grow’ USDA-certified organic mushroom grow kits. This kit offers a streamlined, user-friendly approach to home-grown fungi, making it an excellent choice for novices and those with a busy schedule.

Upon receiving the kit, you’ll find everything you need contained within a simple, unassuming box. It might not seem extraordinary at first glance, but this modest package houses a potent potential for bountiful mushroom harvests.

The true charm of this kit lies in its simplicity. A daily mist of water is all it takes to foster the growth of your very own mushroom harvest. The kit takes care of the more complex elements of mushroom cultivation, leaving you free to observe and enjoy the process.

The quality of the ‘Spray & Grow’ kit is impressive. North Spore has managed to strike a balance between creating a substrate that fosters strong, healthy mushroom growth without affecting the natural, robust flavor of the fungi. Each batch promises an ample yield of gourmet mushrooms that will enhance any dish.

In summary, the North Spore ‘Spray & Grow’ mushroom grow kit provides an uncomplicated yet rewarding mushroom cultivation experience. Its practical design makes it a suitable choice for beginners, while the quality of its yield ensures it remains a solid option for more experienced growers. It’s more than just a grow kit—it’s a manageable, enjoyable foray into the fascinating world of home-grown fungi.

Best Mushroom Grow Kit for Psychedelic Therapy

2. Mushroom Grow Kit-In-A-Bag ($40)

Skill required: Beginner to intermediate
Potential yield: Up to 2.5 lbs. +
Mushroom types: Edible, psychedelic
What we like: High quality, compact
What we don’t: Mushrooms tend to come out dirty

This grow kit is for those with slightly more mushroom growing experience, or those who may want to grow their own medicinal mushrooms for personal psychedelic therapy. With patience, a complete beginner can also have great success. Grow Kit-In-A-Bag™ is really a pre-mixed, hydrated and sterilized substrate bag that includes a self-healing injection port and micron air filter patch. The bag itself also serves as the fruiting chamber, maintaining the perfect humidity and air exchange. The self-healing injection port is where you would inject your choice of mushroom spores or liquid culture. Be sure to choose a mushroom species that is suited to grow on this type of substrate, such as white button, cremini and even psilocybe cubensis, (magic mushrooms), if it is legal to do so in your area. Check with your local and federal regulations.

Notice: Advanced MycoTech does not condone Psilocybin (Psilocybe cubensis) or hallucinogenic (magic) mushroom growing in jurisdictions where it is currently illegal.

Where can I buy mushroom spores or liquid culture?

Inoculate the World

Inoculate The World has a vast library of gourmet and medicinal mushroom spores and liquid culture. They are very reliable and are an excellent source of rare and exotic mushroom species and premium, proven genetics.

Best Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit

3. North Spore Boomr Bag Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit ($189)

Skill required: Intermediate to advanced
Potential yield: Several pounds of fresh mushrooms
Mushroom types: Edible, psychedelic
What we like: High quality, great setup, reusable
What we don’t: A little pricey

The North Spore Boomr Bag Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit is a complete and user-friendly solution designed to help beginners and hobbyists cultivate dung-loving, edible or medicinal mushrooms right in their homes. Devised by expert mycologists, this kit provides you with everything you need for successful mushroom cultivation – from a meticulously designed monotub with inbuilt airflow and humidity controls to sterilized substrates, coco coir, an injection port bag, and more. It also includes self-adhesive filters and micropore tape for contamination-free growth and optimal environmental control. The kit’s blend and grow approach, combined with detailed instructions, ensures a smooth and rewarding mushroom cultivation journey.

This kit includes everything needed for a successful grow, except the mushroom spores or liquid culture. As mentioned earlier in this article, we recommend Inoculate The World for their wonderful collection of mushroom spores and liquid culture.

Each kit includes:

  • 1 Max Yield Bins monotub
  • 3 Boomr Bag sterile manure substrate (5 lbs each)
  • 1 Organic sterilized grain bag with injection port (3 lbs)
  • 1 Coco coir casing layer (2 lbs)
  • 2 Sheets of 2″ self-adhesive filters (12 pack)
  • 1 Roll of 1/2″ black micropore tape (10 yards)

This is an excellent mushroom grow kit for someone who is getting more serious about the hobby.

Best Cordyceps Mushroom Growing Kit

4. Root Mushroom Farm Cordyceps Militaris All-In-One Grow Kit ($32)

Skill required: Beginner to intermediate
Potential yield: Less than 5oz (fresh)
Mushroom types: Functional, medicinal
What we like: Unique, compact
What we don’t: Small yields

The Root Mushroom Farm Cordyceps Militaris All-in-One Mushroom Growing Kit is a comprehensive package designed to make growing these unique fungi at home both simple and enjoyable. Each box comes with all the essentials needed to start the cultivation process, eliminating the need for extra tools or prior experience in mushroom farming. With a little patience, you’ll be able to witness the magic of nature as Cordyceps Militaris sprout before your eyes.

Making an ideal gift for various occasions, this kit is perfect for the young and the young at heart, providing a unique, hands-on learning experience. It’s also a thoughtful gift for parents, serves as an engaging school project, or can be used as a way to celebrate a special birthday.

The Root Mushroom Farm kit isn’t just a product, but a gateway to understanding the world of mushrooms, specifically focusing on Cordyceps militaris. The kit comes with detailed instructions, ensuring that even beginners can successfully nurture their mushroom crop.

Finally, to ensure your total satisfaction, the company offers a 100% fruiting guarantee. This means they’re confident you’ll be able to grow mushrooms successfully, making the entire process both exciting and rewarding. Try it for yourself or gift it to a loved one and discover the fun of mushroom cultivation!

The Ultimate Guide to Mushroom Growing Kits

Ever wanted to grow your own mushrooms? With mushroom growing kits, you can easily start cultivating your own fungi at home. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of mushroom cultivation and the kits that make it all possible.

Understanding Mushroom Growing Kits

Growing mushrooms isn’t as challenging as one might think, especially with a mushroom growing kit. These kits offer all the materials and instructions necessary to begin growing mushrooms right in your own home.

What’s in a Mushroom Growing Kit?

A mushroom growing kit typically contains a grow bag filled with a substrate (like a sawdust block) inoculated with mushroom mycelium. Mushroom mycelium is essentially the root structure of the mushroom, which grows throughout the substrate and ultimately produces mushrooms.

Many kits also include a plastic bag or humidity dome to help maintain optimal growing conditions. Mushrooms need a high-humidity environment to grow well, and the enclosed environment of a grow bag or a humidity tent helps maintain the necessary moisture levels.

In addition, most mushroom kits also come with a spray bottle. Regular misting of the mushroom growing area with this spray bottle helps keep humidity levels high.

Popular Mushroom Varieties

The best mushroom growing kits let you cultivate a wide variety of mushroom types. Many people start with delicious edible mushrooms like oyster mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms, both of which are excellent choices for beginners.

Oyster mushrooms, including blue oysters and pink oyster mushrooms, are a popular choice in many mushroom grow kits. These mushrooms are easy to grow, have a high yield, and provide multiple harvests.

If you’re up for a slightly bigger challenge, lion’s mane mushrooms can be a unique choice. These mushrooms are famous for their distinct appearance and are said to have various health benefits.

The Growing Process

Once you’ve selected your kit, the mushroom growing process begins. You’ll typically start to see baby mushrooms, or “pins,” in about seven days. From this point, it can take a few weeks for the mushrooms to reach full size.

In most kits, the mushroom growing process is simple and straightforward. The kit produces mushrooms that are ready to harvest in a relatively short time, making mushroom cultivation an exciting and rewarding experience.

Additional Equipment and Conditions

To ensure the best mushroom growing conditions, there are a few additional factors to consider. First, keep your mushroom kit out of direct sunlight. Mushrooms naturally grow in shaded, forest-like conditions, and excessive sunlight can dry out your mushrooms or inhibit their growth.

Cooler temperatures can also be beneficial for some mushroom varieties. For instance, blue oyster mushrooms prefer temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Exploring Mushroom Kit Brands

When you begin growing your own mushrooms, it’s essential to choose the right mushroom growing kit. A number of reputable brands offer high-quality, easy-to-use kits. Here are a few you might consider.

North Spore

North Spore offers a range of mushroom grow kits that are popular among beginners and experienced growers alike. Whether you’re interested in the lion’s mane, blue oyster, or the pink oyster mushroom, North Spore’s mushroom kits have you covered.

Root Mushroom Farm

Another noteworthy brand in the market is Root Mushroom Farm. They’re known for their organic mushrooms and user-friendly grow kits.

Forest Origins

If you’re looking for a mushroom growing kit that produces delicious gourmet mushrooms with high yields, Forest Origins might be your go-to brand. Their kits are designed to make growing your own gourmet mushrooms as easy and fun as possible.

Harvesting and Enjoying Your Mushrooms

Once your mushrooms are ready to harvest, the real fun begins. There’s nothing quite like the joy of cooking and eating mushrooms that you’ve grown yourself.

Whether you love mushrooms for their health benefits, their unique flavors, or just the satisfaction of growing them, a mushroom growing kit can be a great investment. They’re easy to use, require little space, and provide a fun, rewarding experience. So why wait? Begin growing your own delicious mushrooms today!

Our Final Thoughts:

Embarking on a mycological adventure can be both fascinating and gratifying, especially with the top mushroom grow kits we’ve reviewed. North Spore’s ‘Spray & Grow’ Mushroom Grow Kit earns our endorsement as an excellent starter kit due to its user-friendly design and the high-quality yield it offers. Its simplistic approach lets beginners appreciate the magic of mushroom cultivation without the complexities.

Remember, choosing the right kit depends largely on your individual needs, level of experience, and the kind of mushrooms you wish to grow. Armed with these options, you’re well on your way to a rewarding mushroom cultivation journey. Happy growing!

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