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UPDATED: May 16, 2022

Turkey tail mushrooms have proven to be very powerful at enhancing the immune system and a potent adjunct therapy to conventional cancer treatments.
Watch as Paul Stamets tells his personal story of how his 84-year old mother beat breast cancer with the help of turkey tail mushrooms.

Video Transcript:

“So, another mushroom empowers the immune system, and this is turkey tails. And turkey tail mushrooms have also been used for more than a thousand years. NIH funded our group with a 2.1 million dollar breast cancer clinical study, which has been recently completed. Now this breast cancer clinical study was dealing with a non- ER, non- estrogen responsive, breast cancer patients ladies, and the study has come back with some remarkable results. And when patients have radiation therapy or chemotherapy, their immune system is oftentimes impaired. So, natural killer cells are decreased. Taking these mushrooms as an adjunct therapy, not as a substitution, but to support the immune system, the natural killer cells increase on a dose dependent basis.

The red bar is no treatment with 3 grams and 6 grams per day. And then post radiation, the immune system depressed and then a dose-dependent basis, the natural killer cells are enhanced over a period of four weeks. So, this raises base immunity function, which I think is critically important.
Now, this hit home to me very personally. In June of 2009 when my 84-year old mother called me up and says, “Paul, I have something very serious to talk to you about, but you’re always so busy.” It’s a terrible thing to hear from mom. I said, “Mom, what’s wrong?” And she’s a very happy, genuine person. She goes, “I’m worried.” And my mother’s deeply religious and has not seen a doctor since 1968. She said, “My right breast is five times the size of my left. I have six swollen lymph glands the size of walnuts” and her voice started shaking, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I started crying, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

We spent a large part of June at the Swedish Breast Cancer Clinic in Seattle. The oncologists examined her, and upon the second examination she had a five point five centimeter diameter tumor. It metastasized. It went to her sternum. It went to her liver. She had stage four breast cancer. The doctor gave her less than three months to live and stated it was a second worst case of breast cancer she has seen as a doctor in 20 years of practice.

We had the circle family meeting, many of you have gone through this. My mom announced that she bought a pine casket, the cheapest one that she could find because she was going to heaven. But then the doctor said, “You know, you’re too old to have radiation therapy. You can’t have your breasts removed, but there’s an interesting study on turkey tail mushrooms at Bastyr Medical School, you might want to try taking those. And my mother goes, “Well, my son is supplying those.” So, she was put on Taxol and Herceptin, wonderful drugs, and then she started taking eight turkey tail capsules a day, four in the morning and four in the evening. And that was in June of 2009 and today, my mother has no detectable tumors, and I’d like to bring my mother up.”

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