RealBoost – Cordyceps, Guayusa and Ginseng


  • A unique blend of Cordyceps mushroom with Guayusa and Ginseng extracts
  • Made from Certified Organic ingredients
  • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan
  • Cordyceps >20% beta-glucans, Ginseng >1% Ginsenosides
  • 60mg of natural caffeine from Guayusa per serving
  • 500mg pills, 30 servings
  • Verified for quality at accredited 3rd party labs

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Energizing, Immune-Boosting Blend: Cordyceps Mushroom, Guayusa Leaf & Ginseng Root

A Perfect Partner in Pursuit of Energy and Wellness

This exceptional fusion of cordyceps mushroom, guayusa leaf and ginseng root extracts elevates the concept of wellness drinks. Each serving is designed to invigorate the body, bolster the immune system, and inject vitality into every moment of the day. A go-to choice for those craving an additional power surge in their daily lives.

Power-Packed Components

Cordyceps, Guayusa, Ginseng | Advanced MycoTechCordyceps Mushroom Extract

Harness the benefits of the cordyceps mushroom – an incredible fungus renowned for its energy-enhancing properties. This unique ingredient helps increase oxygen uptake, assisting in the enhancement of physical stamina and athletic performance.

Guayusa Leaf Extract

Experience the refreshment and alertness that comes with the AMATEA™ guayusa leaf extract. Containing roughly 60mg of caffeine per serving, this element ensures a constant stream of energy without the undesired crash. A healthier substitute to conventional energy boosters.

Ginseng Root Extract

Savor the traditional potency of ginseng root extract. Renowned for its adaptogenic properties, ginseng aids in reducing stress, promoting mental clarity, and encouraging overall balance and vitality.

Benefits That Matter

This robust combination of cordyceps mushroom, guayusa leaf, and ginseng root is not only aimed at enhancing energy, it also promotes an improved immune response, helping the body to naturally fend off illnesses. A blend that delivers a stimulating energy boost while prioritizing overall wellness.

Bring a Boost to Every Day

Add this extraordinary blend to the daily routine and experience an uplift in energy, immunity, and general well-being. A well-deserved energy kick start that equally supports a strong immune system.