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White Button Mushrooms for Better Immunity

May 20, 2019

Some cooks add white button mushrooms to their culinary creations for taste and texture, but few realize the medicinal benefits of this common form of mushroom, found in almost every grocery store in the country. Few would call them exotic or pretty to look at, but white button mushrooms are a natural immunity booster.

White Button Mushrooms for Better Immunity?

 A study published in the Journal of Nutrition looked at how button mushrooms can help to build a stronger immune system. Using cell culture techniques and animal models, researchers at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University discovered that white button mushrooms cause the body to produce more T-cells – cells involved in destroying foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses - through their action on another type of cell called dendritic cells. Other studies show that white button mushrooms also activate natural killer cells - cells that directly kill viruses and tumor cells.

Benefits of Button Mushrooms for Women

 Because button mushrooms are a natural immunity booster, they help to destroy tumor cells – but they also have other anti-cancer benefits. Studies show that white button mushrooms block an enzyme called aromatase that synthesizes estrogen from androgens found naturally in the body.

 Button Mushroom For Women's Health | Advanced MycoTech

Many breast cancers grow faster when there’s an abundance of estrogen – which is why medications called aromatase inhibitors are used in breast cancer patients - to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. White button mushrooms have natural anti-aromatase activity - which means they lower the risk of breast cancer by reducing the amount of estrogen available to fuel the growth of breast tumors.

Other Health Benefits of Button Mushrooms

White button mushrooms are not only a good source of immunity-boosting compounds, but they’re rich in antioxidants and minerals, such as potassium and selenium. Surprisingly, researchers discovered that white button mushrooms are as high in antioxidants, if not more so, than exotic types of mushrooms such as maitake, which are expensive and harder to find. The lowly button mushroom is finally gaining some respect in the wonderful world of culinary medicine.

White Button Mushrooms for Better Immunity: The Bottom Line?

You don’t need to buy expensive medicinal mushrooms such as maitake when you can enjoy the health benefits of button mushrooms instead. They’re natural immunity boosters – and may help to protect against breast cancer. They’re also a good source of minerals and antioxidants. Don’t forget to look for them the next time you’re in the produce section of your local supermarket.





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