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Insider Tips For Finding And Sustainably Harvesting Morel Mushrooms

May 06, 2019

Morel Mushrooms | Advanced MycoTech

Morel mushrooms are prized worldwide for their rich flavor, but since they're very difficult to grow, the only way to obtain them is to find them in the wild. Hand-picked from forests, a pound of these precious fungi can cost up to $159. But if you want the mushrooms without the cost, keep these tips in mind and with a little persistence you're sure to get your hands on some fresh, wild morels.


When Do Morel Mushrooms Grow

Start looking when the lilacs bloom in April and May. Morels can be hard to predict since dozens of environmental factors play into their growth. For this reason, you're better off trusting a plant's natural timer than dates on a calendar. That's why you should head out into the woods when the lilac bushes start to bear their fragrant purple blossoms in the spring instead of counting on the weather or the month.


Where To Find Morel Mushrooms

Focus your hunt at the base of dead and dying trees, elm trees in particular are great hosts of morel mushrooms. Morels, having evolved relatively recently, are notably different from most other mushrooms, and people don’t know much about their lifecycle. You can find them around trees, particularly those that are at the end of their lives. When walking in the forest, try to spot trees that are losing their bark or just starting to fall apart, and look carefully up to a few feet away from the base.

Look in damp, shady places, especially after rain. Mushrooms like moisture, so you're less likely to find morels on the sunny side of a hill or in an open meadow than in a shady grove. Keep your eyes on the damp forest soil, and consider heading out soon after a spring shower to see if the fresh water brought any new morels out of the ground.


How To Identify A Morel

There are plenty of mushrooms out there, and some are toxic when consumed. Some can even be mistaken for morels. If you're new to morel hunting, be careful to do your research beforehand and be able to distinguish a real morel from a mimic. It might even be a good idea to take a field guide or at least a printed image with you into the woods.


How To Harvest Morel Mushrooms

When you find one, pinch it right through the stem. The mushrooms you eat are only the fruiting bodies of a much larger organism that grows underground. To avoid hurting that larger organism while still getting the most out of your morel, make sure to sever the mushroom through the light-colored stem. The dark, wrinkly cap is the tender, flavorful part anyway, so it's good to keep the stump stay in the ground and let the mushrooms keep coming.

Consider leaving one or two in each patch to help more grow. If you want to take more drastic measures to help morels thrive in your area, you might want to leave a mushroom or two in any patch that you find. After all, the fruiting bodies are there so the mushrooms can reproduce, so if you let a few age naturally, you'll be helping make more morels in future years.

Carry your loot in a mesh bag to let them release spores. If you'd prefer to harvest all the mushrooms you find, it's still a good idea to finish your hike carrying them in a mesh bag so that any spores they release can find their way back into the ground. That has the added benefit of letting the mushrooms air out as you walk. It's even an opportunity for grit or insects that might be hiding in your morels to fall out before you get them home.


How To Prep Your Morels For Cooking

Once your hunting expedition is over, leave the morels in a bowl of water for a few hours or an entire night. A little soak will clean them out without hurting the delicate structure of the mushrooms, removing any insects that might have stowed away from the woods. Once they're clean, use them in your cooking or simply fry them up in a little butter.

A delicacy under any conditions, morels will taste best when they're fresh from the forest. By learning to find your own, you can get this treat to your table without paying the cost. And, by harvesting carefully, you can guarantee more morels to enjoy in future years!


Recipe With Morel Mushrooms

Simple Fried Morel Mushrooms


  • 1 pound fresh morel mushrooms - dirt gently brushed off and mushrooms halved lengthwise
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup vegetable shortening
  • Salt to taste

For cooking instructions for this recipe,
click here.


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Simple Fried Morel Mushrooms


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