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The 5 Best Cordyceps Capsules You Can Take For Improved Health

September 14, 2020

Cordyceps belong to a family of fungi of about 400 species that are parasitic to insects and other bugs, with a few cordyceps species actually being parasitic to other fungi. While this might sound weird and even scary, humans cannot be affected by cordyceps as our bodies are more advanced at attacking pathogens than insects. Cordyceps do not parasitize people or house pets. In fact, a couple species of cordyceps have been consumed for centuries and show very impressive health-improving benefits.

Cordyceps: A Beneficial Parasitic Fungus

As stated before, cordyceps are a parasitic fungus. When the host insect or bug is infected, the cordyceps “mushroom” fully emerges from its head! To watch the entire process unfold, see the Cordyceps: Attack Of The Killer Fungi Planet Earth BBC Video Clip.

In early days, Tibetan shepherds found that their herd became more lively and energetic after consuming the “caterpillar fungus”, a species of cordyceps (cordyceps sinensis) mushrooms that grows from the head of a caterpillar, hence the name. The shepherds found that the amazing benefits of virility and energy were also observed in themselves when they consumed the fungi.

While eating a mushroom growing from a caterpillar’s head doesn’t sound too appetizing, luckily people have figured out how to cultivate cordyceps properly and humanely. Many brands now offer cordyceps capsules that can be taken with your daily supplement regimen, so you too can experience the vitality of the original Tibetan shepherds.

We have done our own thorough research to bring you our top 5 picks for the best cordyceps capsules you can take for improved health.


Cordyceps Capsules #1: Real Mushrooms Cordyceps-M 

Our first pick of our favorite cordyceps capsules goes to Real Mushrooms Cordyceps-M. The “M” stands for cordyceps militaris, which is the most commonly cultivated species of cordyceps. What we like most about Real Mushrooms Cordyceps-M is their commitment to using only 100% whole mushroom extracts. They don’t include any fillers or other nonsense in any of their supplements. Their cordyceps capsules really are top-shelf quality.




Cordyceps Capsules #2: Host Defense Cordyeps Mushrooms

Our second pick is from Host Defense Mushrooms. This company is operated by none other than Paul Stamets, one of the world’s forefront mushroom experts. Host Defense Mushrooms is among the most popular mushroom supplement brands and offers quality mushroom products.  


Cordyceps Capsules #3: Life Cykel Cordyceps Liquid Extract

As you can see, this one isn’t in a capsule; however it's rated highly. Life Cykel offers high quality liquid mushroom extracts. Their cordyceps liquid extract is high quality and definitely worth a try. What we like about Life Cykel Cordyceps liquid extract is the fact that they have also included a fruit called Kakadu plum, which is thought to be one of the highest vitamin C-containing fruits on the planet––making it a real antioxidant powerhouse.

Cordyceps Capsules #4: Onnit Shroom Tech

Our fourth pick is Shroom Tech from Onnit. Not only does it contain over a gram of whole cordyceps per serving, it also has a few tried and true adaptogenic herbs in the blend: ashwagandha, greet tea, rhodiola and astragalus. This adaptogenic blend is stimulant free and could even be helpful in combating adrenal fatigue.


Cordyceps Capsules #5: Double Wood Cordyceps Mushroom Extract

Our last, but not least, pick for the best cordyceps capsules is from Double Wood Supplements. Simply called Cordyceps Mushroom Extract, their supplement is the most budget-friendly on our list. Their cordyceps capsules contain both fruiting body extract and mycelium. It has been said that each part of the life cycle of the mushroom contains its own unique health-promoting constituents. If you're on a tighter budget, this one is worth considering.




Cordyceps have such beneficial qualities, and we believe incorporating cordyceps into your daily routine can be just the ticket to improved health. It's always a good idea to make sure the cordyceps capsules you choose have been tested by a third-party organization for purity and quality, so you know exactly what you're getting. 

We hope to have helped you in your decision-making process with our recommended best cordyceps capsules, and we will continue to share our knowledge and information as your trusted mushroom source. 

Let us know!

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